Comic Book Debate – Should The Punisher Be Retired?

When coming up with the Comic Book Debate portion of the Comic Book Chat, this was the very first debate question that came to mind.

I wanted to hold off on this debate until after the holidays and I decided to kick off the New Year with a bang!

Gun violence continues to be a pressing social issue in today’s world. The season premiere of the Netflix Punisher TV series was actually postponed because of a tragic incident related to gun violence years ago. The Punisher logo is being co-opted for nefarious means and not for its original intent and purposes. One of the big news items at the end of 2021 was that The Punisher would be returning for a limited series and his old logo would be changed.

Should Frank Castle/ Punisher be retired from Marvel Comics and live action media?

Why do you think he should? Why do you think he shouldn’t?

Let’s keep the debate friendly and let’s respect each other’s opinions.