The Book Nook Looks Ahead (1/5)

Welcome to the Book Nook! The weekly thread for all book nerds on The Avocado.
This is the place to talk about books you’re currently reading, discuss genres, ask for recommendations, and post serious literary criticism.

Happy New Year, fellow Book Nookers! Let’s make it a better one than the last… several ones.

And with a new year come the usual resolutions. The last few years I’ve looked at them not so much as things I have to do (I stopped giving myself reading challenges of so-and-so many titles because that somehow brings pressure with it) but more as opportunities. To look more into certain genres I haven’t explored yet, or from countries that aren’t yet as familiar to me. That way it’s less of a chore, and I can actually have fun with it.

So what about you? Do you have reading resolutions for this year? Why those? Or if not, why not?

I would like this thread to continue to be a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone as much as possible. Thank you!