Color Outside the Lines: New Year, New Me

Hello and welcome to Color Outside the Lines, a weekly discussion space for people of color.

Thread Rules

  1. We ask that only those who identify as people of color participate in this discussion. White Avocados, while valued members of this community, should remain in ‘lurk’ mode.
  2. Shaming and hateful speech are unacceptable.
  3. Please keep potentially traumatic content safely behind spoiler tags.
  4. Nobody on this thread is more or less a person of color than anyone else. (We will not set clearly delineated boundaries on who qualifies as a ‘person of color.’ As a starting point, this thread uses the definition of ‘non-European heritage of sufficient prominence to affect one’s navigation of a society built on white normativity.’ However, we recognize that there are identities which skirt either side of the divide. If people feel that they meaningfully experience the identity of being a person of color, then they are welcome to participate.)


Never fear–not that you were!–I did not fall off the face of the Earth.

It’s 2022 now and somehow it still feels uncomfortably close to the January we were experiencing in 2021. How are you feeling about the new year? The previous year? How has your life shifted from last January when we were still very much in the grip of a pandora’s box panini pandemic?

Also, as should come as no surprise given my near month long sporadic absence, this will be my last posting of Color Outside the Lines for now! It has been SUCH a pleasure reading and discussing with you all, and I’m not going anywhere; my time here is just a bit too inconsistent and reduced to keep up with posting a thread on a weekly basis, so please anyone feel free to take over or to throw one up when you’d like!