The Night Thread Plays Musical Chairs

Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! is a 1986 television special which, unlike the other holiday outings from the Peanuts gang, features a couple of full musical numbers.

In one of them, all of the kids are playing a rousing game of musical chairs (even though Charlie Brown is supposed to be reading War & Peace, because someone needs to fire his teacher already!). It’s a fun little sequence, and Charlie Brown almost wins…but Peppermint Patty, of course, emerges as the victor, because Charlie Brown can’t have nice things.

Now, it should be noted that Peppermint Patty is significantly less terrible in this special than she is in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving…but she still cheats to “win” here, as she knows when the music stops because she is the fucking source of the music! Fuck you, Peppermint Patty! You’re a cheating little shit!

Still, I like the song. And it’s a really funny special. Happy new year, y’all!