Crocodile Rock Christmas Eve Day Thread

Sure, 2019’s Elton John Rocketman did well with critics and made a decent amount of money, but it got everything wrong. Choosing to focus on drugs and shit instead, it didn’t tell the real story about how Elton John got his start: which was with help from Roley the Steaamroller.

You see, John was a songwriter for the band “Lenny & the Lasers”–but he dreamed of singing on stage. John got his chance when Lenny got sick the night of the big Christmas Eve concert in Bob the Builder land, and sang the song he had co-written with Roley: a little something called Crocodile Rock.

Unfortunately for Roley, John pretty much screwed him over, refusing to publicly give him any credit for his success. As for Lenny, he was finished the instant John went on stage. No one cared for his band after that, and to this day no one knows what Lenny has been up to since then.

This is all more or less chronicled in Bob the Builder’s A Christmas to Remember, which involves Bob being reunited with his twin brother, a terrible tyrant of a mayor who makes needless demands of Bob during the holiday season, a demonic scarecrow who accidentally murders a Christmas angel (well, they call it a “fairy” for some reason, at least in the American version), and Elton John. There’s also a character called “Banger” who seems as horny as his name would imply.

Have a ROCKING day, Avocados!