Rina Sawayama

The Rina Sawayama Day Thread (December 19, 2021)

Being somewhat culturally ignorant as I approach the twilight of my life, it’s only thanks to you ne’er-do-wells I discovered Rina Sawayama at all, and was fortunate enough to snag a ticket on the secondary market to see her live last month. I would imagine this tour will be the last she does in smaller venues, considering how electric the audience was for her.

But tonight – or this afternoon, or morning, depending on where you are on the planet – you can enjoy her performance as part of Rina Sawayama’s The Dynasty Tour Experience!

“After racking up numerous five-star reviews for the tour itself, British-Japanese pop sensation Rina Sawayama is bringing The Dynasty Tour to fans worldwide as a digital experience with Moment House. Filmed at her huge homecoming show at London’s Roundhouse, The Dynasty Tour Experience is a dazzling opportunity to witness Sawayama at the peak of her pop powers.”

Have a fun day, Avocado!