Comic Book Chat -Spider-Man vs Sinister Six

Spider-Man No Way Home is hitting theaters this weekend so we are discussing the Amazing Arachnid’s fearsome foes – The Sinister Six!

The Sinister Six made their debut in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (January 1964) and the super-villain team has been causing trouble for Spider-Man ever since.

Tell us your favorite member and the best lineup to square off with the Web-Slinger.

Tell us your favorite storyline featuring the villains.

Will we see any of the villains change sides and help Peter Parker in the movie?

I recently read Sinster War and it was a nice 4 issue series featuring Six , count em, Six Sinister Sixes. Its available in trade if you would like to check it out. I also bought and downloaded the Spider-Man Epic Collection Return of the Sinister Six for only $3.99! I’m hoping to read it over the Christmas holiday.