The 6th Annual Pits Commenting Awards Category Nominations!

Welcome to the 4th Annual Pits Category Nominations featuring Categories and Nominations! Brought to you by a desire for ever more Upvotes. If you need to review any of the past categories, threads, or winners, you can check them out here.

Today will mark the reviewing of categories for the next three days or so, and on 16th December actual nominations/voting within those categories will begin, so to recap our (potential) returning 40 categories:

  1. Best Discovery – Media you have discovered as a result of The Avocado – The Media and the Person
  2.  Best Avocado Meme
  3.  Best Comment – Funny
  4.  Best Comment – Serious
  5. Favorite Thread That Doesn’t Reoccur Enough
  6. Best username (Not poster, just name)
  7. Best username – Holiday
  8. Best One-off Thread (i.e. not a weekly, recurring feature or daily thread)
  9. Best Life Changing Advice
  10. Best Open Thread Header
  11. Best Long-form Post or Subthread
  12. Best Avocado Regular(ish) Feature
  13. Best Gimmick Account
  14. Best Pet Photo
  15. Best Werewolf Game
  16. Best Rabbit Screening
  17. Best/Worst Comic Strip (Pluggers, Heathcliff, etc.)
  18. Best Use of Gifs/Photoshop
  19. Best Political Comment
  20. Best Review – TV
  21. Best Review – Movie
  22. Best Review – Other
  23. Best Artist/Album Spotlight
  24. The Ack-Ack Memorial Kindest Commenter Award
  25. Rookie of The Year
  26. Commenter You Most Like to See Upvotes From
  27. The Holy Guacamole Lifetime Shitposting Achievement Award – (Most Active Commenter)
  28. Hall of Fame nominations (Who and Why)
  29. Covfefe-vening of the Year: Best PT Meme Spiral
  30. The annual Train Sandwich Award: Best OT Meme Spiral
  31. Best use of The Avocado as a response.
  32. Best Avocado Tournament
  33. Most Memorable Sex Clam
  34. Best Recaptioning of a Cartoon
  35. Best Dad’s Casa Related Writing
  36. Best Original Media/Fiction for the Avocado
  37. Best Recipe
  38. Best Buds
  39. Best Upvote Pandering Scheme
  40. Best New Thread

What categories should be added? Recommend categories we should include that highlight the community, the commenters, and what makes this place such a great and unique spot on the mean ol’ internet (especially over these past two years!). Remember this portion does not cover things like best movies, best books etc. (that’s what the other Pits are for!)

Or should any categories be removed? Are they not relevant or too confusing? Should they be clarified? It’s up to you, the Avocado community, to decide!

So to recap out current schedule:

This topic (12th -15th December) – Nominating Categories

December 16th – Nominating people/things for those categories

December 20th – Counting up the votes

December 21st – Announcing winners, for these categories, alongside the other Pits