The Pits: Best in Music 2021

Editor’s Note: Feel free to post as big or as small of a list as you would like below but please keep your lists contained to these posts and do not make your own post or fill up the OT with them. The winners will be announced alongside the other winners of The Pits the week of 12/21 and will be calculated by adding up your lists (10 points for first, 9 for second, etc. with 5 per awarded for unranked Top 10 lists). The preference is for ranked lists to aid in determining a winner, but you are not required to rank them.

Congratulations! We made it. 2021 is over*. Let’s get down to it.

There are three music categories:

  • Laurel Canyon Sound Award for Best Album
  • Anybody Killa Award for Best Song
  • The “Weird Al” Yankovic Memorial Award for Best Live Show

The zone of eligibility is the 12-month period between Dec. 10, 2020, and Dec. 10, 2021. Taylor Swift’s Evermore came out one day after we closed 2020, so it’s eligible for 2021, as are later 2020 releases such as Moby’s Live Ambients – Improvised Recordings Vol. 1. Who could forget that influential recording?

Note that up to your top 10 entries will be counted for points and the big prize. Anything beyond that is just shitposting, which of course is highly encouraged. In an effort to be slightly more organized than my sock drawer, I will post top-level comments for each category and ask that you please include your lists below. I don’t know who is I will be happily counting up the points and doing the math, but have fun anyway.