The Stoner Sloth Night Thread (12/2/21)

In 2015, New South Wales issued a series of three anti-marijuana commercials to warn the populace, particularly teenagers, that smoking pot causes sloth-like behavior. If you think that sounds stupid, just wait until you see these “stoner sloths” in action:

The campaign cost $500,000, consumed 265 work hours, and was a huge hit with its teen audience, if not quite as its creators intended.

The advertising agency that created these addled acedians defended their stars, explaining that the commercials were intended for teens, not “adults or long-term cannabis users” (implying, I guess, that teens are helplessly susceptible to the charms of heavy-lidded furries). However, as the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre noted, “Associating a sloth with people being intoxicated may convey a positive appeal to people being intoxicated rather than the intended negative message.”


To really cap off the “How do you do, fellow kids?” energy of the campaign, curious web surfers soon discovered that when the .au domain was left off the campaign’s URL, they were taken to an online cannabis store.

prolonged inarticulate moaning

Needless to say, the campaign did not last long, but its legacy lives on.

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