Comic Book Debate – Avengers Endgame – The End of the MCU

During the pandemic, my local theater closed, reopened, closed then reopened. I was waiting for a friend after a movie in the lobby of the theater when I had a conversation with the manager about the state of the world and the movie going experience during the pandemic. We got to talking about movies and he had a very strong opinion about the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – he thought that Avengers Endgame should have been the final movie in the MCU.

This discussion has been in the back of my mind for awhile now and I thought it was the perfect topic for the Comic Book Debate thread.

He thought that since the MCU started with Iron Man, it was only fitting that the universe should end after his death. After all of the buildup and suspense that led to Endgame, he thought that nothing would ever come close again, so why even bother.

What are your thoughts? Are there more stories to tell in the MCU? Do you think the MCU will ever end and if so, how would you like to see it happen?

Lets keep the debate lively and friendly!