The Creative Endeavors Thread Fields Boxticks and Roadblocks

This is the space for our members to discuss and share their creative projects, ranging from written works to drawings, photography, and even craft projects such as knitting and woodworking. Self promotion is welcome (websites where we can view and/or purchase your work). Please do continue to preface if content is NSFW and be sure to properly spoiler/link such content.

Part of my admittedly vague preparations for next year has been to finally get on some kind of serious logistical footing to sell my artwork. I’ve shown three times in the past few years, and each of them have involved my taking original paintings and ink drawings to a nearby (and now sadly defunct) coffeeshop to offer for sale. It was easy enough given the cafe’s proximity, but even with pretty user-friendly pricing I didn’t expect much and felt a little embarrassed at my lack of options compared with the other vendors.

Browsing a few small art fairs and shows in the interim, I noticed how often prints figured as a possible vehicle for getting one’s work shown, but wasn’t quite sure how to go about having them made. For some reason I never got around to investigating this until recently, and in the last couple of weeks had three sets of three made of some of my favorite paintings (through FinerWorks) as a kind of placeholder if I ever show again (doing so is certainly one of my goals for next year). Also thinking of gift possibilities as I know at least one or two of my friends would like one. Last but not least, as someone who feels a little guilty about not being able to support fellow artists in the manner he’d like (more for space than financial considerations), finding that some people put their work into fridge magnets–small, expressive, and most of all useful–was kind of a gamechanger, so I’ll probably be getting on that next.

All in all, there’s been less creative and more administrative energy in this neck of the woods recently, so I apologize both for the dullness of this post and my general absence from the thread this week, as I’ll be out and about on errands when it goes live. One of them’s related to creative endeavors; I ordered a new box easel on sale from Michaels for store pickup (my old one’s a little battered and I recently learned that one of the inner screws got knocked off, making it potentially if very mildly dangerous) and was surprised to learn in an email Sunday that it had already been picked up, and not by me. I freaked out for a second but was assured after calling a manager that they’d just replace it if I came by (which I’ll be doing probably around the time the thread posts). Checked my bank account and it doesn’t look like my card was hacked or anything, which means there must have been a simple mistake or someone must have swung by in a kind of targeted package theft (a box easel?). So that got a bit weird, and I hope everything turns out all right by the end of the day.

How’s your work going?