The 11/26 Beatles Get Back Part II Day Thread

Morning all. Morning camera.—Ringo

Part II of The Beatles: Get Back by Peter Jackson finds the group at a low. George has left and isn’t responding to overtures by the other three. Time is running out for their planned live concert as Ringo has to begin filming The Magic Christian at the end of January. Will they be able to reunite the group and perform by then?

Spoiler alert: Yes and no. George did come back, partly on the promise that they would leave Twickenham and move into Apple Studios. However, the studios weren’t ready because the band made the mistake of letting a con man install his recording ”equipment”, and they had to get new portable recorders in and set up correctly. Either George invites Billy Preston, Little Richard’s backing pianist/organist, to drop by, or he just happens to; it’s not made clear. At any rate, he proves to be a catalyst for the band’s music. They finally begin getting it together, and the mood in the studio is much brighter. But what of their live performance, now planned for the rooftop of Apple? Tune in tomorrow to find out!!

Highlights: Paul discussing John and Yoko when they weren’t around, being surprisingly sympathetic to their relationship; an audio recording of John and Paul made at lunchtime by sneaking a microphone into a flowerpot; the group working out Get Back; a jam session with Billy, John, Paul and Yoko on vocals.

Part II, by the way, clocks in at 2 hours and 53 minutes. I think this ”six hour” time frame is going to run over a tad. But that’s Jackson for you.

Happy Black Friday, Avocadians!