1990’s Hip-Hop/Rap Tournament: Round One, Part One

All right, the nominations are in and tallied up (and only a day after I said they would be…), and we received enough to fill out a full 64-seed bracket! Big thanks to everyone who nominated, even though I managed to forget all the relevant tags when I made the page. Sorry, it’s been awhile.

A few bits of business before we get on with the show:

  • It was a cool idea, but I had to scrap the regional bracket setup. There was just no way to do it and wind up with a field in any way representative of who was actually nominated.
  • So what we wound up with was 1-64 seeded solely on upvotes. Ties were broken by your tournament commissioner based on whatever made it easier for me to keep track of who went where (with one exception that I’ll get to in a sec).
  • As you could probably tell from the header, we’re going to do round one in two parts for manageability. So no, Wu-Tang wasn’t left on the outside, we’ll get to them.
  • My personal favorite who actually did not make the cut was the immortal Scarface, who gets the header in an attempt to appease him.
  • We did have a bit of a logjam for the last four spots, representing the only real judgement calls I had to make. It didn’t feel right to leave out any one of Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, or Da Brat, so they all made the cut. Of those left, Mystikal got the nod for the last spot. Apologies to Camp Lo, Company Flow, and Buck 65.