The 11/22 Day Thread is Obdurate

November 22, 1963 is a date that is well remembered in American History as that is the date that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. America’s 35th President was in Dallas

Inspiring many conspiracy theories (the less said about that the better) but also a lot of fictional accounts of that time period, 11/22/63 is a date that will be long discussed. From movies like JFK to TV shows and episodes like Mad Men, the accounts of that day have long been told, mostly because it’s probably one of those dates that everybody of a certain age “remembers where they were” (not me, I’m far too young for that)

One of the best stories centered around that time period, in my opinion, is Stephen King’s 11/22/63. The novel tells of an English teacher who uses a portal to travel back to 1958 in an attempt to stop the assassination. But one of the through lines of the book is that “The past is obdurate” meaning it doesn’t want to be changed.

So while you can’t change the past, try to make a better future for yourselves, Avocadoans

Anyway, here’s your day thread.