Crate Skimmers #18 Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break The Oath

Owned since: 2015

Genre: Heavy metal, my dude

Where I bought it: Some metal record-store in Antwerp

Year: 1984

Label/pressing: Roadrunner

I own very little metal records to be honest. Metal is a genre that poorly has a crowd that has very deep pockets so allot of it still sells for ridiculous prices even second hand. New vinyl is even worse because it’s always a full gatefold one some shit color pressing that you pay 30 bucks for. Like I said before my lead way is always 15 euros top for one record, 30 if it’s a double. Which led to well me not owning allot of favorite metal records and owning a shitton of hardcore-punk the anti-metal. The squat dwelling bands records are at most 12 euros a pop new and on the second hand most of the time you can snap them up dirt cheap. It’s a shame I don’t own any Judas Priest, good Metallica and various obscure metal releases I like through it but hey the metal scene sucks. No joke there is no scene that is so hilarious self serious then the metal scene from vinyl to stage presence which I a nice leadway to the record today.

Mercyful Fate hail(ed) from Denmark, I have no idea their a ongoing band now because they split and reunited around ten times now. Fronted by King Diamond and his insane falsetto vocals they play this kind of progressive heavy-metal that is catchy and hard hitting at the same. It’s also allot of Satan stuff and was a massive influence on black metal even it’s allot more tongue in cheek here. King Diamond’s corpsepaint is closer to Kiss then it’s to a death mask. This album is as classic heavy metal comes pretty much; lead guitars, clean lead vocals and released on Roadrunner in the EU.

Roadrunner used to hail from the Netherlands but since moved to the USA but they released insanely important stuff like Obituarty’s Slowly we rot and Sepultura’s Chaos A.D. We’ve always been a metal country even since the days of hard-rock and we still got most touring acts through our country if they tour. Mercyful Fate played the town near me a ton of times and hanging out aging metalheads as a 15 year old at shows got me really into this record. Because honestly allot of heavy metal isn’t my cup of tea; way more into trash and doom but Mercyful Fate and even more King Diamond solo are 100% my jam. This record is like the most stereotypical heavy metal record ever and I love it for it. Every-thing’s here down from the weird keyboards and dual guitarist down to the lovely satanic album cover. Honestly it’s one of my favorite album covers ever, it perfectly captures what your in for here.

Allot of Satan worshiping bombast snag by a guy in white paint and various crosses over his face. Because bombast is what King Diamond does well. I poorly never saw Mercyful Fate but I did see Diamond solo around 2016 where he legit had a castle set build on stage where he would move around freely and the band all had wireless guitars so they can run around also. Even for the (in)famous Welcome Home(as featured in Clerks 2) he brings out his backing singer/dancer in a wheelchair in old people dress for the ‘Let me help You out of the chair Grandma, Let me touch You, let me feel’. It’s a fucking circus and Mercyful Fate always seemed allot more aware of it then other heavy metal bands.

This is just 40 minutes of endless solos, Diamond’s insane falsetto vocals and a rhythm section that just is there to give it a bit more bones. Honestly it doesn’t need to be more. I might like their debut Melissa a bit better but still this is a absolute deserving heavy metal classic that sounds like circus music these days. Circus music is really cool so whatever it is just so funny to me this got people so up in arms in the 80s where it is pretty much a bunch of nerds singing about some kind of satan over solos.

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