The 11/20 Night Thread Is Quadrophenic

I invite you to take a glimpse into what tends to run through my mind when I’m deciding what to write for an OT.

Idea #1: Apeman, by the Kinks, from the album Lola Vs Powerman And The Money-Go-Round, is one of the best tunes Ray Davies ever put out as a single.

—Wait, I can’t do that, it’s problematic.

Idea #2: I Feel For You, by Chaka Khan, is a fantastic mix of Chaka’s voice, Prince’s songwriting, Arif Mardin’s production, rapper Melle Mel’s intro and Stevie Wonder’s awesome harmonica (with a little sampling from Little Stevie Wonder in the middle). Not problematic at all unless you hate Eighties production. Then again, a lot of people do.

Idea #3: Zombie vampires. Has anyone ever thought of zombie vampires? Don’t Google that! I don’t want to know. Zombie vampires are my creation. Or you could have vampire zombies. No, zombie vampires sounds better.

…I have no idea where to go with this.

Idea #4: I need to have a fourth idea to round this out. Hey, Quadrophenia! Four ideas; four personality facets. Perfect.

And there you have it. The Quadrophenic Night Thread.