Weekly Video Games Thread Needs a Place in Space

Hello, members of the Avocado! This is Monday’s Weekly Games Thread.

Over the past year-plus, some members of the site have introduced me to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The Star Trek franchise just does absolutely nothing for me, but this show… I love it so much (I’m even thinking of publishing a thing about the show on here as the first non-game writing I’ve done in years). I’ve since introduced it to my family, and I’m excited to finally jump into the show’s seventh and final season.

One of the most memorable parts of the show comes right in the title: the Deep Space 9 space station (“Nine” means “show,” “9” means “station). It’s an incredibly cool location and environment, this utterly unnatural and brutal bicycle wheel in space. Obviously, though, the show has no monopoly on this concept, and video games are arguably an even better avenue for exploring it. The possibilities might actually be endless, be they Dyson Spheres or DOOM moon labs or the titular “Space Station Silicon Valley.” Hey, remember Space Station Silicon Valley? There really was a time where Rockstar was known for things that are not… that new game it just published.

There’s the prompt: what’s your favorite space station in a video game? From a place as large and pretty as Mass Effect‘s Citadel or as small and doomed as Metroid Prime‘s Frigate Orpheon, these are perfect for adventure and exploration and, inevitably, a lot of shooting. And they can look really cool, especially since game graphics are freed from the badly lit warehouse of many terrible Nineties movies set in space.

In the meantime, how was your weekend when it came to playing games?