30 Day X-Files Challenge Day 15: Favorite Doggett Moment

This challenge was produced with the help of Sir Simon Milligan for the prompts!

A former U.S. Marine and New York City police officer and detective, Special Agent John Doggett – portrayed by Robert Patrick – joined The X-Files in season 8, bringing a no-nonsense approach to tracking down the missing Fox Mulder.  Despite being highly skeptical of paranormal phenomena, Doggett still remained open-minded about the weirdness that he’d encounter once he was assigned to the X-Files.  Doggett appeared in every season 8 and 9 episode, forty in all.  Random fun fact:  Patrick is the brother of Filter lead vocalist Richard Patrick, whose song “Hey Man Nice Shot” was used in the X-Files season 3 episode D.P.O.

Prompt: What’s your favorite Doggett moment? Share any general Doggett discussion here as well!