Kingo Night Thread

That’s right, we have a Kingo Night Thread now. Kingo is the breakout star of Eternals (I guess?) who has also somehow become an internet meme in a very short amount of time.

I haven’t watched Eternals yet, but presumably, Kingo is an Eternal (whatever that is) who has taken advantage of his eternal life (ha! that’s why they’re called “Eternals”, right?) by giving himself a very long and successful career as a Bollywood star. I’m going to assume he’s called upon to do Eternal things, but he probably doesn’t want to at first, because hey, he seems to have a pretty sweet life going.

Also, if you missed out of the endless OT spiral, here are some random examples: The Lion Kingo, Paul, John, George and Kingo, In the Name of the Kingo: A Dungeon Siege Tale, The Kingo & I, “I’m the Kingo of the world!”, Eda & Kingo, Kingo Kongo, “Kingos and Queens”, you get the idea…

Have a KINGO night, everyone!