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Tuesday’s Politics Thread has places to go…

…but not as many places as the team doing the AZ Fr-audit.

Imagine the “there are dozens of us” .gif here. Or Nelson pointing and laughing. You know what? There are dozens of .gifs that fit here. DOZENS.

And you know I have to find the good news, so here’s a thread:

SO, you know what to do now: look before crossing the street, contact someone you haven’t heard from in a minute and tell them that you miss them (NOT AN EX, THIS IS A BAD PLAN, unless you’re cool with your ex, then that’s cool). And get those dishes in the sink, if you have them in the sink, get them clean and out of the sink. There you go! All done.

Oh, and don’t threaten the Mayor or anyone else. Be cool, be kind, and behave!