The Weekend Politics Thread Makes Its Stand

♩ Lost sight of ground
Never been so down
Nothing here to stand on

It’s a war-weary road
Another faceless tombstone
Nothing here to stand on

I turn to face the wind
May never get out
Forever caught in a spin
No better place to begin

— Just stream the full, best album of 19911

You know, it takes a worried Uve2 to type a worried header. But what, you surely3 wonder, might have your intrepid Weekend Politics Thread host in doubt, aware of everything life carries on without and a long way from happiness?

Virginia holds its gubernatorial and House of Delegates elections next Tuesday. Polls paint a perplexing picture of a populace evenly split between theocratic fascism and, for whatever the disarray and disappointments of the Democratic demimonde, not theocratic fascism.

On the other hand, presumed party affiliation of people casting early ballots indicate a large actual vote lead for Terry McAuliffe over Glenn Youngkin. That swings Uvular back toward sanguinity concerning final tallies regarding governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. The delegate race remains inscutible.

Make no mistake, though: Democracy itself loses if Democrats fail to hold all statewide elected offices ad the state House majority in the Commonwealth.

That reality makes the already-prone-to-clamminess Uvular sweat. This election feels very much like a last stand for truth, justice and the way toward what we long mythologized as the American Way. Let Trumpist retake the reins in Richmond, and no one ever again casts a meaningful ballot anywhere the United States. Virginia remains a below-the-Mason-Dixon-Line bastion of reproductive rights, ballot access, justice reform, sane pandemic response and at least talking about adequately funding K-12 public education. Turn the old Capital of the Confederacy in the current Capital of the Confederacy, and kiss the whole project of liberal democracy goodbye.

Melodramatic? Seriocomic? Lachrymose and defeatist? No. Not even close.

Putting off pushing the panic button at a time when committed anti-democrats (note the small “d”) have already seized power in Wisconsin, most of the Northern Plains, and the Deep South betrays a blitheness bordering on betrayal. Rehashing the rollback of basic liberties, the ongoing project to invalidate the electoral process, and etc. serves no purpose for achieving the greater purpose of urging every Politicado with any connection to the Old Dominion to ask, urge, browbeat and physically carry their Virginia family members, friends and acquaintances to vote Democrat on November 2nd.

Doing less could ensure a result scarier than anything you’ll see on Halloween.