Revenge Of The 30 Day Horror Challenge Day 29: Decades Of Horror – 2020s

The month of October is all about horror as it well should be and we’re going to revisit that topic with a range of new and “remastered” prompts for it thanks to some help from Mr. Ixolite and myself to flesh it out.

With the month underway and the horror topics and the like starting to pile up like dead leaves, today we’re going to get into the realm of horror movies that during the 2020s. Yes, it’s only been barely two years of material, but we’re in the first stages of changes in how horror will be done, particularly due to COVID. We had seen the “falling out” of zombies over the course of 2010s in areas, especially TV even though there are still plenty of zombie shows, but now we wonder what the shape of horror over the rest of the decade will be like?

Bonus Prompt: Horror has been holding up better in general in theaters amid COVID this year; why do you think that is?