Comic Book Review – Marvel Zombies: Dead Days #1 (May 2008)

Marvel Zombies Dead Days #1 (May 2008)

Writer – Robert Kirkman

Artist – Sean Phillips

I took a quick trip to Eide’s Entertainment this past Sunday to get bags and boards for my comic books. I was looking around at the used graphic novels and found a collection of Marvel Zombies comics and decided to pick it up.

This one shot kicks off the collection and is a prequel to both the first Marvel Zombies miniseries and the introduction of the Marvel Zombies universe in Ultimate Fantastic Four.

The end won’t come with a bang but with a gnashing of teeth and bloodcurdling screams. A mysterious infection has spread across the Marvel Universe and it only affects metahumans. The first to fall to this disease is the Avengers and time is of the essence to save humanity and superhero and villain alike. It will take the combined know how of Bruce Banner, Reed Richards, and Tony Stark to find a cure and administer it before it’s too late. Can Reed overcome the tragedy of the loss of his children to focus on the task at hand?

I missed the boat when the original Marvel Zombies miniseries was released but I bought the trade paperback and absolutely loved it. I ended up giving it to my friends as Christmas gifts later that year. I always enjoyed the zombies designed by Sean Phillips. I liked how decrepit and monstrous they looked with their sharp teeth a main focal point and an easy way to tell the difference between those infected and not.

Marvel Zombies was an out of continuity tale and I liked the nuances and differences of this Earth compared to Earth 616. The best example of this is Steve Rogers as Colonel America in the Zombiverse. There are also a few callbacks to the early years of the Marvel Universe like Hank Pym fighting crime as Giant Man and Tony Stark having a bodyguard in Iron Man (the rest of the heroes not knowing they are one in the same). For you Richard Ryder Nova fans, he plays a big part in this one shot, as well as, Nick Fury and of course, the Master of Magnetism, Magneto.

Looking back on it, Marvel Zombies was a cool concept at the time until Marvel being Marvel took a good thing and ran it into the ground with oversaturation. I finally gave up on the sequel miniseries around Marvel Zombies 3 or 4. I was excited to see the shambling superheroes make an appearance during the first season of What If? Now is the perfect time to give Marvel Zombies a reread and for those that didn’t’ experience it the first time around. A great balance of horror and humor from beginning to end with a few well-known scary movie tropes we have come to love in the Mighty Marvel Manner.

I hope you enjoyed the second Road to Halloween/ Horror Comic Reviews. What comics would you like to see reviewed next year? What horror comics would you recommend reading between now and Sunday? Feel free to drop a comment or two with your answers.