Jeopardy! recap for Wed., Oct. 27

Let’s meet today’s contestants:

  • Jennifer, a data specialist, shares a close time of birth with her husband;
  • Tyler, a healthcare data specialist, taught health education as a volunteer college freshman; and
  • Nancy, a retired college admissions counselor, went to see Art Fleming’s Jeopardy! in New York. Nancy is a one-day champ with winnings of $19,400.

Tyler had the lead when both opponents missed a DD in DJ, and even though he didn’t improve his score in the last eight clues, it was good enough for a runaway at $12,600 vs. $6,000 for Nancy and $3,000 for Jennifer.

DD1 – $800 – THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY – She was born in 2015 as fourth in line to the throne & stayed in that spot even after she had a baby brother (Nancy won $600 from her leading score of $1,200. Note that if the rest of the game played out the same way, the $600 Nancy didn’t bet on this DD would have made the difference in preventing Tyler’s runaway.)

DD2 (video) – $800 – ARTISTIC 19TH CENTURY WOMEN – Married last name of opera art director Cosima, two of her children were named Siegfried and Isolde (Jennifer lost $4,000 from her total of $5,400 vs $12,600 for Tyler.)

DD3 – $1,200 – INTERNATIONAL DISPUTES – Though usually friends, China & this country dispute ownership of islands in the Yalu River (Nancy lost $4,000 from her score of $10,000 vs. $12,600 for Tyler.)

FJ – LITERARY MOVIE ROLES – Among the actresses who have portrayed her are Greta Garbo twice, Vivien Leigh, Tatiana Samoilova & Keira Knightley

Everyone was incorrect on FJ. Tyler lost just $100 to win with $12,500.

Wagering strategy: There were two other clues remaining when Nancy found DD3, and her bet of $4,000 took her below half of Tyler’s score. A wager of $2,800 would have given Nancy the lead if correct, while forcing Tyler to be correct on the $2,000 clue to build a runaway when Nancy missed DD3 and didn’t respond to the last two clues.

Pop culture problems: In an Andy category, no one could name the title artist in the 1996 film “I Shot Andy Warhol”, or later, knew the Rolling Stones “shadoobie” song that’s a also a “break” word, “Shattered”.

Correct Qs: DD1 – Who is Princess Charlotte? DD2 – What is Wagner? DD3 – What is North Korea? FJ – Who is Anna Karenina?