The Day Thread Likes Taking Footballs

This Day Thread is dedicated to a song I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately, “Hey Arnold” by Rico Nasty. (The version I’ve linked is the remix feat. Lil Yachty, but the original version is very good too.) The song is a great example of Rico’s infectious “bubblegum trap” style. I really love her voice; she always sounds like she’s having a great time. And that cover art is just so much fun, with Rico drawn as a silhouetted Helga G. Pataki and Yachty as a red-dreaded Arnold.

The song doesn’t actually have much to do with the show Hey Arnold. The title comes from the following line of the chorus: “She like taking footballs, call that [banned word] Hey Arnold.” It’s admittedly a bit of a stretch, since Arnold famously having a football-shaped head doesn’t connect to “taking footballs” in any obvious way. I’m told that the euphemistic meaning of “football” here refers to the ovoid shape of Xanax pills.