Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2009-2012: Top 512 (Part 14 of 16)

Part 13 Results


NieR Grandma 5 7 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Crystal Bearers Ramble
Persona 4 Arena Reach Out to the Truth [P4 Arena ver.] 8 5 The Munchables Hellfire Stew
Shatter Granular Extractor 8 3 Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Through the Trees
Lord of Vermilion II Coin 4 11 Flower Splash of Color
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Victory Fanfare [Mitsuto Suzuki] 2 11 Mega Man 10 Sheep Man (Cybersheep’s Dream)
Xenoblade Chronicles Hidden Mechonis Field 6 6* Style Savvy: Trendsetters Cafe (Night)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Paradigm Shift [Naoshi Mizuta] 8 4 Rhythm Heaven Fever Power Calligraphy
Final Fantasy XIII Lake Bresha 10 7 Flower Lazy Daydream
NieR Kaine ~ Salvation 11 4 Double Dragon Neon Tube Ride
Shatter Freon World 8 5 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Last Hunter [Naoshi Mizuta]
Persona 4 Golden Time to Make History 7 6 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Hell Frozen Rain
Akumajou Dracula: The Arcade Bloody Tears 4 11 Bravely Default Love’s Vagrant
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Saisei -rebuild- 4 8 The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road Flower Palace
Mega Man 10 Pump Man (Polluted Pump) 3 11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Eclipse – Aggressive Mix
Journey I Was Born For This 12 3 Final Fantasy Type-0 Divine Fire
Final Fantasy XIII Eden Under Siege 2 12 Thomas Was Alone Where Are You


After 4 months of group play it’s time for the playoffs! Only the top 512 songs remain. It’s single elimination from here on out.

Since it’s the playoffs, groups will be active until 9:00 AM Pacific the day after they post1The Monday after, for Friday groups., ie for roughly 24 hours. You can listen to a playlist of today’s songs (in matchup order) here.

Or you can work ahead!


Voting will be live until Friday, October 22nd at 9:00AM Pacific