The Day Thread (10/16) Works Itself Into A Shoot

On this date ten years ago, a Great Moment In Twitter History™ happened with this deeply nonsensical tweet from pro wrestling icon Hulk Hogan.

Pro wrestling has been a carny business since the very beginning, and in many cases it still is now. But do those who work in the business eventually become so carny that tweets like this make sense to them? Probably.

Anyhow, anyone who knows anything about Hulk Hogan knows he has done way more bad than good for the pro wrestling business and frankly should go away forever. But I suppose we will always have this tweet. And images from his failed restaurant Pastamania.

Embarrassing enough? Oh, he tried again with another restaurant. And it was much worse. And very much worth its own thread.

Have a great Day Thread, everyone. Don’t work yourself into doing anything this weekend, unless you work at your shoot job.