The Day Thread cooks fish in a dishwasher (10/14)

Horror icon Vincent Price has 210 acting credits to his name. These range from the Abominable Mr. Phibes to Edward Scissorhands’ creator to Ratigan, a monster of depravity, He has a distinct look and voice that lends to sinister and campy roles.

That said, there was nothing more sinister and campy than when he demonstrated how he cooks fish in a dishwasher.

I’ve always been interested in trying, it… but it’s just too spooky. However, it should be noted that Vincent Price was a gourmet cook, having published several cookbooks with his wife, Mary. I assume he knew what he was talking about.

Of course, there’s the big question: can you was your dishes while cooking the fish? It seems to be a question that’s been plaguing the good contributors on Wikipedia. Per the entry on dishwasher salmon (yes, it’s notable enough to have its on Wiki entry):

Pieces of salmon are spiced and wrapped tightly in at least two layers of aluminum foil and put in a dishwasher. The dishwasher is set to perform the wash and dry cycle. Depending on the model of the dishwasher, the salmon is cooked, steamed and ripened.[1] An advantage of the method is that the prepared dish does not smell.[2] There is nothing preventing one from washing the dishes at the same time, provided that the package is tight enough.[1]

Delicious salmon and clean dishes to serve them on? What is this… the future?