The Book Nook Visits the Library (10/13)

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The picture in the header is the Schiedam Library and one of the prettiest libraries I’ve seen in person. De Korenbeurs, as it’s called, was built in 1792 (with construction starting six years prior) and designed by Dutch-Italian architect Carlo G. F. Giudici. Until the early twentieth century the building was used as a “korenbeurs” or grain bourse. Since Schiedam was a jenever town the building was mostly used to trade grain used to make jenever (Dutch gin).

After the building closed for the grain trade, it served a variety of functions. Among others, the Stedelijk Museum moved there for a while after its own building was shut down for renovation.

Then in 2015 the library moved into the building, and as part of the renovation of the Korenbeurs itself a courtyard garden was added, so that people (not just the patrons but anyone) can sit and read or study in a relaxing environment. The parts surrounding the courtyard are filled with books and books on both floors, as well they should.

It’s a lovely example of how to repurpose buildings and update them as well. Most importantly (for me anyway) it’s within walking distance of my house, so while I’m probably biased I do think it’s a gorgeous building.

This week’s discussion topic: While you are certainly allowed to praise my personal favorite library, what do you like best about your local library?

Normally I’d give a spiel about how this is a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone, but if you have pictures of your local libraries, please don’t hesitate to share them!