Musicals Thread (Scariest)

Welcome to the Musicals Thread, the Avocado’s space for anything and everything related to musical theatre! Every month I’ll post a discussion prompt, but please feel free to comment on other topics, from new discoveries to old favorites. If you have ideas for future prompts or would like to write a feature for the thread, let me know!

In discussing the power of musical theatre to move us emotionally, fear certainly has its place, though it may not be the first response to leap to mind. The Tony-award-winning Sweeney Todd was, among other things, an experiment. “I thought it would be fun to see if you can scare a contemporary audience, the way movies can scare you,” said composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim (as quoted in PBS’s Broadway: The American Musical). Even as it includes lush music and a grim sense of humor, the show presents many and varied opportunities for horror, from the jump-scare of the factory whistle in the opening to the title character’s outrageously gruesome modus operandi to the all-too-realistic menace of the corrupt Judge Turpin.

Is there a musical (or character, song, moment, etc.) that gives you the creeps?