Weekly Games Thread Cannot Change the Channel Now

Hey everyone. Your friendly neighborhood Bones here. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. What games are you playing? What do you think of them? And a question:

Is there any game or series that you didn’t expect to check out or return to, but you did because of some external influence, an exciting event or a friend or what have you? What’s your favorite if so?

I have a lot of examples, Smash Bros being responsible for many of them. I bought Fire Emblem Three Houses on a whim from the announcement of Byleth in Smash, and now not only do I really like that game, I’m anticipating the next Fire Emblem on Switch with bated breath. Sora in Smash is inspiring my partner LibraryLass to give the series another try, starting with Kingdom Hearts 3 on Game Pass, to my eternal regret. The first time I ever beat KOTOR 1 was when I returned to it from being excited for the sequel trilogy. (It’s been a long six years.)