CFL Thanksgiving Day Showdown DAY THREAD

It’s Thanksgiving!

In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving almost the exact same way Americans do, with turkey dinners, mashed potatoes, beans, pumpkin pies, and all the usual trappings our neighbours down south would be familiar with.

We even do football. This year’s Thanksgiving matchup is the Toronto Argonauts and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The Argos, by the way, are the oldest franchise in North American sports to operate continuously under the same name, having been founded in 1873. (There are older teams but they changed their names).

The CFL is a small league, but it’s still plugging despite missing 2020 entirely due to COVID. It’s a hell of a league. Maybe one day I’ll post about their foray into the US in the 90s. It was a hell of a time.

Go Lions (who aren’t playing today)!