The Weekend Politics Thread Blows Its Cool

♭ Swelling up ’til it don’t matter much
Overwhelming, choking without a way to get it out
It screams inside and I wait for control, for containment
Then another wave
I lash out at any who choose, choose to be there
Rejecting responsibility, I hold it all, feel it all: overwhelming

— Ever feel like Ragin’, Full-On?

Anger is an energy” John “Johnny Rotten” Lydon insisted in an unlikely MTV banger. What a PiL.

In actuality, anger is1 a luxury enjoyed almost exclusively by privileged white men. Or, rather, the rights to publicly express anger, act out in anger, and receive dispensations for causing harm while angry devolve almost entirely to men society accepts as white-skinned.

No one could come remotely close to overemphasizing how much your short-fused Weekend Politics Thread header host needs to remind himself of that unjust inequity each minute of every waking day. In fact, rig his laptop to cue up “Mississippi Goddam” each time his itchy mouse finger clicks on “Break Stuff.” Harsh. But how else will he ever learn?

It does not help Uvular repress his ready rage when he maintains a skin tone most aptly characterized as “translucent,”2 and moves through the world encased in a carapace akin to an unholy hybrid of a brown bear and an orangutan.3 People expect an aggrieved demeanor and brace themselves for the full range of bellyaching to bellicosity.

Why, venting his spleen would be as easy as something really triflingly simple. Hell, an entire right-wing media universe exists specifically to defend him should he curse you out to cover for his own failure to glibly generate a clever simile at the conclusion of the preceding paragraph.

Thankfully, Uvular leaves his license to ill-treat locked away in the deepest recesses of the desk in his home office. Living alone shields other corporeal humans from the fallout when he fishes out that fictive jeremiad ID to whisper-scream expletives at the news scroll on his computer screen or to start a pointless flame war in the Facebook comments.

Four things4 unhinging Uvular this weekend are

  • 38% of Biden voters strongly or somewhat agreed that anti-white discrimination is a problem and that Christianity is under attack. Motherest of all goddamn fucks! The shitting hell?
  • “Appeals Court Temporarily Reinstates Texas Abortion Ban.” This deserves more than marching in the street. Maddeningly, any reaction at all gets dismissed as an overreaction.
  • “Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) was reportedly seen carrying what looked like a switchblade dagger while he was at an event at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina on Tuesday.” This is twice, at least, that the Nazi man-child went to a public hearing on education cosplaying The Bride. Knowing any black or brown person who similarly showed up equipped to murder would never see the inside of their own house again probably made Cawthorn all tingly in his bathing suit area.
  • Proclaiming himself grievously insulted for correctly being called a domestic terrorist hellbent on destroying the U.S. government and a lying liar who lies all the time, Mitch McConnell declared a blood oath to continue being a domestic terrorist hellbent on destroying the U.S. government and a lying liar who lies all the time. Incoherent sputtering as blood pressure spikes to the point of inducing swimming vision and lightheadedness.

Uvular jokes around in the Politics Thread comments a lot. Perhaps too much. It beats spewing red-hot rage, yes? Follow your own muse below.