The (10/9) Day Thread is Comics-Canon Only

Ellarien is the Purple Solar Power Ranger.

When the space station Promethea (later implied to be Terra Venture) falls into a rift in space during the battle with Lord Drakkon, (spoilers)1, they arrive in a universe without the Morphin’ Grid, meaning that the refugee Rangers aboard the ship only have the Morphin’ Energy that they came in with.

They encounter the Purple Solar Ranger soon after entering, when she appears on the station and drains almost all of the little remaining Morphin’ Energy into her morpher – the Solarix. The Solarix contains a solid piece of the Morphin’ Grid that absorbs Morphin’ Energy, but it’s broken and causes Ellarian to “glitch out” when she morphs.

With most of the Morphin’ Energy drained into the Solarix, this leaves only a few Rangers able to morph when the Praetor, a fallen Morphin’ Master, attacks. They flee with Ellarien across the universe to arrive at The Splintered Star, where the unique nature of the star gives them a chance to make a last stand against the Praetor and his army.

When the Praetor is defeated and the Morphin’ Grid restored, Ellarian is able to use the Solarix to begin a whole new team of Rangers in her universe – the Solar Rangers, of whom her girlfriend Remy is the first Orange Ranger

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