Comic Book Review – Tales Told in Technihorror Season One (June 2021)

Tales Told in Technihorror Season One (June 2021)

Writer – Kiyarn Taghan

Artist – Christian Dibari

Do you like horror anthologies like Creepshow and Tales from the Darkside: The Movie? Are you looking for a comic book to get in the spirit of Halloween this month?  Tales Told in Technihorror Season One is right up your alley then. 

Every month, I check to see which twelve comics will be released in the Scout Box. I am a sucker for horror comics and number one issues. I ordered the box containing this issue, among others, that piqued my interest. I was saving this issue for my Month of Horror Comic Reviews.

Tales Told in Technihorror presents five stories – A scientist explores the ocean depths and finds more than he bargained for “In Cold Pursuit.” A scout finds signs of life on a planet humanity has found refuge on in “Impo5ter Syndrome”. A woman slowly starts losing her humanity thanks to the “Roots of Evil.” Three friends run into a group of gators with no chance of escape in “One-Thousand Teeth”. Finally, a safecracker realizes he is “Unsafe” once he discovers the right combination for untold treasure.

Although these stories are very short in length, they are crammed full of dread, irony, blood, and some gore. Just when you think the characters are safe…BAM! It’s too late for them. The stories range from sci-fi to body horror to creature features to one that definitely raises a little hell (wink, wink). This series has the potential to make the jump to live action, so get on board and pick up this issue now for cover price before it’s difficult to find, at a price that could hurt your wallet and your pride. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Season Two.

These morsels of the macabre are just the right size to get your blood pumping and loosen that jaw of yours. If I had to compare these stories to real life treats, it’s like a bottomless bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and not a handful of Mary Janes.