The Second Columbo Night Thread (10/6)

It’s that time again! 11:00 p.m.! And that means a second installment of the series taking the nation by storm, Columbo Uses the Telephone! Tonight’s offering comes to us from season four, episode one, “An Exercise in Fatality.” Columbo is at the scene of the murder, an L.A. gym. You can tell it’s a gym because it has all the classic hallmarks: dark wood panelling, brown shag carpet, and a janitor dressed like a hospital orderly. To his own surprise, Columbo gets a phone call. Who can it be? Only the elusive Mrs. Columbo, that’s all. She’s really there this time. So is a carton of gnawed spareribs, which, as you can see in the final seconds, provides Columbo with a clue.