Werewolf 164: The Purge – Signups

Hi. I’ve never seen any of the Purge movies. Then why, you may ask, is this werewolf game called “The Purge”? Consider it a Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans situation: same name but only very loosely related to the original.

This will be an experiment. It may be a mess. Hopefully it will be fun. Day Two of the game will be Purge Day. Everyone will get a vig shot with a 15%1 chance of success, which can be used during either of two one-hour time windows during the day. You use your shot by saying, in the game thread, who you want to shoot. Dust off your grudges, here’s your chance for revenge!

Other than The Purge, this will run like a fairly normal werewolf game. I’m planning for ~20 players (5 wolves, 15 town, no SK), but I can expand and rebalance if needed. Current list of roles, subject to rebalancing:

  • 1 Wolf Roleblocker
  • 1 Town Doctor
  • 1 Town Cupid (Lover, but they “recruit” their partner Night One. There are no restrictions on who they can recruit, and it can’t be blocked)
  • 1 Town Neighborino (Each night, they can choose a player to reveal their alignment to. I also thought it’d be funny to bring Flanders into the Purge universe)
  • 1 randomly-assigned Fruit Vendor (Each night they hand out fruit. The fruit does nothing)
  • 1 randomly-assigned Mail Carrier (Each night they can send a message)
  • 1 or more randomly-assigned Watchers or Motion Detectors, not sure yet


  • I’ll use Slack for individual communication, if you’re not on there or would prefer a QT that’s totally fine. All group chats will be a QT (wolf chat / lovers / graveyard / etc).
  • I’ll be running my usual vote spreadsheet for the game.
  • I’m planning for all twilights to be at 2pm Central. I’m also going to try out having pre-defined day/night lengths. To start with they’ll be roughly 36/10 (giving me a little wiggle room for writing headers).
  • In real-world time, Purge Day will likely be sometime over the weekend. Hopefully we can set times when as many people as possible can be in the thread.


  1. Cop
  2. Mac
  3. Goat
  4. Lindsay
  5. April
  6. Wasp
  7. Louie
  8. Ralph
  9. Queequeg
  10. Emm
  11. Josephus
  12. Copywight
  13. Sic
  14. Stoneheart
  15. Gramps
  16. Grumproro
  17. Lamb
  18. Jake
  19. Narrowstrife
  20. Jam
  21. Marlowe
  22. Spiny!


  1. Hoho


  • Mustard
  • Indy
  • Raven
  • Tiff
  • Side
  • Dicentra
  • MrPlow
  • Kaddish

If you’re a curious bystander who’s read down this far and is wondering what this is all about: Hello! Here’s a little intro to how the game generally works: https://the-avocado.org/2018/05/08/werewolf-a-primer/

It’s fun! Feel free to join us.