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The Wednesday Politics Thread Needs More Popcorn

Politics is a violent sport not for the weak of heart.

You have your different players, your big bullshitters full of bravado who bully and threaten everyone, talk real big but always end-up underperforming or even hindering their own teammates’ performances. You have the eager rookies confident in their potential, hoping for that magical moment that will showcase their strength and savoir-faire, but still green to the more intricate strategies that win you not just a few games, but a whole season and the big trophy. And then there are the real players, the ones that feel the game all the way through to the very marrow of their bone, the ones that recognize minute changes with every fiber of their being and react quickly, accordingly, scoring win after win consistently, and leaving behind a legacy for future players to live up to. You also have a full staff in support of a common goal and the important coaches; some coaches threaten, yell, and blame everyone else for their team’s losses, while other coaches remain calm, collected no matter the situation; these are the quiet strategizers, confident in the players they sent out on the field, understanding how the game is played and very much in tune with always pushing and evolving the game, even beating the odds of a once prejudiced setting intent on refusing to embrace the changing times and the evolving science that help win better while keeping players and supporters safer.

And we are but observers in the bleachers, fans, stans, and haters. In this bloody violent sport however, the scores affect our lives, our health, our livelihood, our future and survival. This is why each one needs to keep a good head on their shoulders, to not fall prey for the bullshitters, the loud bloviaters who talk real big but never accomplish anything of note and who keep blaming everyone else for their less than stellar track record. You also have to understand the rules that regulate your favorite game and to listen to those who not only grasp its intricate and complex levers, but also those who report on it accurately without showing bias for their favorite team.

For months now, Republicans and Democrats have been passing the ball; Democrats scored a few important goals early on: they passed legislation that helped a population in desperate need of relief in the midst of a pandemic, children in dire need to be lifted out of poverty, Asian communities in need of protection from the GOP’s purposely stoking hatred against them, Black Communities deserving of recognition for their unique contributions, as well as a country that was on the brink of a Totalitarian takeover in urgent need of mending international alliances and forging a new future where green technology is made a primary bargaining constance in all its economic and financial endeavors.

And the Republican Party fought against every act that will lift people out of poverty and save their lives from a pandemic that could have been easily be made less murderous if only Republicans and their propagandists promoted basic and scientifically-sound vaccines and protective gear. They fought against every progress, against every sound policy that would help the very People they swore an oath to serve. And sadly, those reporting on the game, the political punditry, far too often muddied the facts, the truth. Some did blame the racist obstructionist Republican Party, while quite tellingly, far too many blamed the Party of Women, BIPOC, and LGBTQI, the very Democrats fighting to pass legislation and affecting positive significant change. Misogyny, naturally, always preferred shifting the blame on Women in the Democratic Party (preferably Women of Color), as only strong, qualified Women should be blamed for Mitch McConnell’s and his white supremacist party’s vile actions, and now here we are.

The next few weeks will be very important. The Democratic Party and the Biden-Harris Administration have laid the ground for very specific and significant progressive policies that, if they come to fruition, will forever change the United States of America and the way its governing bodies treat those most in need and marginalized. These progressive policies will finally put an end to tricked-out Economics and Trickle-down Civil and Equal Rights, they will instead help directly the bottom 60%.

Good luck, America! Have a great Wednesday, Politicadoes.