Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (9/28)

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Next month, James Bond finally returns from the pandemic because he has No Time To Die. I guess that means he got vaccinated? Note to everyone: get vaccinated.

James Bond has a long and often problematic history… but that’s what you get when you are one of films’ longest running franchises. Twenty-five official films, six official James Bonds, over a span of almost 60 years. The late Sean Connery got the ball rolling with Dr. No, which established all of the franchises’ most familiar elements. Genius mastermind villain, secret hidden lair, beautiful women, and exotic locations.

Also: looking baller as hell in a tux.

The franchise has endured because it adapts with the times. Star Wars is breaking box office records? Send James Bond to space to fight some astronauts!

The womanizing aspect becoming problematic? Have a female M and Moneypenny discuss how it’s basically a tactical weapon!

Bourne leading to a more grounded approach to spycraft? Get Mads Mikkelsen to hit James Bond in the balls!

Each James Bond film tells basically the same story. The fun is seeing the changes that occur with each iteration. Sometimes as a reflection of pop culture, sometimes a reflection of where we are as a society, sometimes to see what at any particular time we in the West consider exotic. Will Bond ever find himself in Las Vegas again, or is that just too tacky to modern sensibilities?

Today’s bonus prompt: what is your favorite James Bond movie?

Bonus bonus prompt: who should be the next James Bond?

Next week: masks