Weekly Games Thread is On the Peripheral

Hey everyone. Your friendly neighborhood Bones here. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. What games are you playing? What do you think of them? And a question: What is your experience with video game peripherals, from ROB to DDR to plastic shit for the Wii and the remaining vestiges of amiibo, etc.? What do you think used the concept most well? A friend of mine is I suspect the biggest living fan of the Wii wheel.

And one last thing.

On Patreon and in personal conversations over the weekend, I had personally announced the first Game News Roundup Feature, a dedicated deep dive on the NSO news and the larger future plans of the service. (Which is to say it is not the monthly Game News Roundup. That’s next week.) I had initially announced it for today, but I pushed it to Wednesday. Please look forward to it!