The Friday Politics Thread Recounts

And it turns out that it’s actually even more Friday than we thought!

In case you didn’t hear the news, today we get the dumb Cyber Ninja recount results, but they were leaked last night and guess what, Biden actually won more votes and Trump got fewer than we thought.

Which now concerns me, because if that incredibly stupid recount managed to give Biden more votes, maybe he didn’t win!

Anyway, I’m sure Cult 45 will take this news calmly and rationally and we’ll never hear about this again. In the meantime, be nice (to each other and to the rest of the world), don’t hog poggle, Garrison-Owens remain prohibited, and hey, try to keep out similar worthless shills.

RoRo anecdote: She has entered the stage where toddlers like to talk about every thing on the road, and is currently obsessed with gas stations. It’s like she’s cataloguing them in case the Poxy-clypse comes and we need to raid them.

Happy Friday!