The Weekend Politics Thread Picks Its Battles

♫ I confess I felt so worthless
I lost hope; big price to pay
Now there were stars and there were wild bird circling
A lot of screams, and fight breaks out
Between wars and between burnings
He did it all for a chance to die for love ♫
A Band That Never Got Its Due But Knew a Thing About Never Stopping

Sept. 18, 2021, dawns as January 6 II: The January Sixthening.

By the time Politicados skip reading this Weekend Politics Thread header, Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., may once again have served as the site of a pitched battle staged by enemies domestic.1

Or, because not everything has to go the absolutely worst way at absolutely all times, the motley MAGAs, opprobrious Oath Keepers and not-quite-operating-at III%ers stayed under their assorted rocks. That best case scenario still encompasses the reality that deluded antidemocrats held a nation’s breath bated for destruction in the name of deposing the notional narrative of said nation.

“But, wait, Uvular,” the one person who bothered to slog through the preceding paragraphs will interpose, “your cri du cœur of a epigraph makes common cause with the insurrectionists. You itch for a fight.”

Half-correct, mon frere ou ma sœur. What one fights to secure or retain makes all the difference. How one engages in the battle also counts uncountably.2 Differing strategies and tactics do not equate to unequal fervor.

Your ardent WPT host wishes to heal, build and grow. The chuds wish to harm, destroy and regress. Uvular hangs door signs, moves boxes around local candidates’ campaign offices and votes. Rioters? You know how they do. Everyone knows. And an admitted goal of the potential resumption of injurious, nigh-unto-homicidal violence consists of rewriting the history of January 6 to portray the worst of the perpetrators as heroic freedom fighters.

So, why meet that kind of depravity3 with quotidian volunteerism? Because as angry and discouraged as current events render Uvular

I still believe, I still believe
Through the pain and through the grief
Through the lives, through the storms
Through the cries and through the wars
Oh, I still believe ♬

Call him a Pollyanna in the face of the Cassandra of coverage of political and policy events. Critique him for meeting a call to action with what comes across as the crassest conformity. Cut him off before this callithumpiam cacophony of hard-c alliteration crashes and burns.4

But recognize working for things you want helps you acquire those things. Understand he understands picking one’s battles beats thumbing one’s nose.

Still, deity or universal force of your choice, doing the work of no-caps liberal democracy does not appeal to Uvular. At all. Not even a little bit.

He struggles mightily against his slothful, hermetic nature to do so much as open emails from volunteer coordinators. So, allow him to melodramatically romanticize his meager efforts to maintain the good of the American experiment in republican government by chooglin’ through a cache of contentious chants in his mind’s ear as his hands assemble yard sign after yard sign after yard sign.

Even if you forbid that, comment below. They also serve who only sit and type.

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