The Friday Politics Thread has run out of empathy

It hit me as I was thinking about what to write this morning. Yesterday someone posted about flags on the Washington Mall to commemorate people who died from COVID.

Hundreds of Thousands of Flags on the National Mall Will Commemorate American Lives Lost to Covid

And I was thinking that the people who willingly got COVID by refusing to take any precautions, or vaccines, or stupid horse drugs, shouldn’t get the same flag color as everyone else. Obviously white would have been best, because they surrendered, but that was already taken. And why stop there? Every responsible person they got sick who died should have a special flag too, because it was some other idiot’s fault that their compromised immune system was exposed. Let’s see the real damage on the Washington Mall.

Anyway these Friday threads are getting a little ranty lately. No good RoRo story this week, but I’ll try to find a good picture later. No Hog Poggling, No Garrisons, Owenses or similar. You are probably aware that Laura Loomer (one of those similars) has COVID, so let’s clam that early. Be nice!

Happy Friday!