Werewolf 163: Dire Manor (Signups)

Little Lord Wolfington’s Dire Manor 

A setup for 20+ people

Intermediate to advanced, though all players are welcome.

This week you’re invited to stay at Little Lord Wolfington’s DIRE MANOR! Only you can help our hero find the secret BUSINESS DOCUMENTS hidden in his late father’s study- but beware, Father’s business associates won’t make the job easy for you! 

DIRE MANOR is a setup for 20+ players. Players will be divided into 4 teams who will traverse a physical game board daily. Intrigue, murder, and possible BUSINESS INCORPORATIONS await – inside the MANOR!! 

This Werewolf setup puts a spin on our standard rules as teams will also be responsible for moving around a physical game board as a day action. Each team will have a base number of moves that can possibly be influenced as the game progresses. Players can move in cardinal directions, but not diagonally. Each board tile will have a corresponding number. 

Of course, standard Werewolf rules also apply! 

Town’s win condition is to eliminate the scum factions(s)

Wolves must outnumber town.

??? must ???

Please make at least 3 comments a day to keep the game moving, otherwise you may find yourself modkilled!! 

Attack arguments not people, and remember this is just a game! The most important thing is to have fun and allow others to do the same. 🙂

Roleplays are not required but encouraged. It’s a spooky house, I’m sure you can think of something 😛

17 Guests (Vanilla Town)

1 Space investigator – can peek under a board tile every night 🙂

1 Jailkeeper

4 Business Associates (WOLVES!)

-Sneakster (Wolf may peak at an adjacent space as a night action)

-Trickster (May switch two game board times – 2 shot)

-Trapster (Roleblocker)

-Larry (Vanilla – just happy to be included)

1 – EMPTY VESSEL – You gaze into their eyes and see no light.

  1. Emmelemm

2) Mac

3) Goat

4) Tiff

5) Side

6) Wasp

7) Malthusc

8) Marlowe

9) April

10) Sic

11) Grumproro

12) Narrowstrife

13) Jam

14) Ralph

15) Hoho

16) Shinichiki

17) Nate

18) Hayes

19) Jake

20) Smokey

21) BannerThief

22) Raven and Rose (Weed and Crow)

23) Copywight

24) Louie Blue


  1. Lutair