Trailer Reaction: Disney+ Hawkeye TV Series

Marvel Studios confirmed a fall 2021 debut for a Hawkeye event series during the D23 Expo and we knew previously that it’ll be bringing back Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton to train Kate Bishop to take over the role and that it’s also set to explore what Renner’s Avengers: Endgame character was like with his backstory for becoming Ronin.

With the filming wrapped up back in April 2021, we knew that this series was likely the final one to arrive this year and recently Marvel Studios has set a November 24th, 2021 debut. With that being the Wednesday ahead of Thanksgiving, this will be considered one of the big holiday pushes to showcase what they’re intending to do here.

Now, the latest update out of Marvel for this is the debut of a new poster for the show along with the very first trailer for the property. Check out the holiday-themed piece below!