Marble League 2021: Event #16 and Closing Ceremonies

It’s all down to this: the final event of the 2021 Marble League. Going in, the Raspberry Racers sit atop the standings, but the Hazers and Mellow Yellow aren’t far behind, and dramatic shifts of the standings are still possible.

Reverse starting order is a big boon to the Rojo Rollers, who do well in the initial laps, along with the O’rangers and the Green Ducks, but only the O’rangers manage to hold on to a spot near the head of the pack. Soon, the Minty Maniacs and Mellow Yellow enter the mix. In the end, the Minty Maniacs nab the top spot, follow by the O’rangers and Mellow Yellow.

But in the overall standings, Mellow Yellow’s bronze medal is enough to catapult them to the top of the standings, netting them the 2021 Marble League trophy. The Raspberry Racers and the Gliding Glaciers place second and third overall, respectively.

That’s it for coverage of Marble League 2021 See you next year when the Green Ducks host the cup!