Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (9/7)

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Football season is upon us. American football, that is. The version of football that has a rugby-shaped ball. The titans of the gridiron shake of their rust in their quest to capture that Lombardi trophy.

The Freshman (1927)

The sport has provided a backdrop for several films. The tradition goes back all the way to the silent era, when Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd made football comedies in the era before professional sports. The movie versions of the game seem best when centered around the college version of the sport (We Are Marshall, Rudy) though there have been good ones based on professional sports (Jerry Maguire, Any Given Sunday).

There are the inspirational stories where the game comes down to a last second touchdown. There are the underdogs who just want to prove themselves if they’d just get a chance to play. There are those who play for moral victories. Those who play for respect. And those who want to prove that there’s nothing in the rulebook that a donkey can’t play football.

The Longest Yard (1974)

Today’s bonus prompt: what is the best football film?

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