Weekly Video Games Thread Wants to Be a Warriors

Happy Monday, everyone!

For today, I’ve grabbed a topic I’d written down since I offered to start doing these. It’s an easy one (though I had a much more complex idea for the header image), but I think it’s a good one, too, and it all comes from one very silly franchise.

Koei Tecmo’s Warriors series – comprising Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, and plenty of others – is a hack ‘n’ slash brand brand so ubiquitous as to become a genre unto itself. These “Musou” games send you as one superpowered soldier against entire armies, felling thousands of troops and a few deadly commanders in matters of minutes. There are plenty of things to like about these games, and plenty to dislike. Perhaps that’s inevitable with something so deliberately shallow, that has at times flooded the market past the point of saturation.

However, Warriors has also become known for its many crossovers, to the point where they’ve arguably eclipsed the popularity of the original games. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is the best selling game in the series; the original Hyrule Warriors is one of the most acclaimed entries. We’ve seen One Piece and Persona; the latter especially was a fairly big jump from the template. And it’s hard to imagine this crossover element ceasing to be. As it turns out, this system works wonders with any property that A) is predisposed to at least light violence and B) has a large cast of characters.

And thus, my prompt: pitch me a Warriors crossover. Think of a franchise that you think would fit, add some token new mechanics that could mix up the otherwise bog standard formula – or don’t, even; if you have a series you’d like to see just by its characters, that’s good, too!

Of course, we’d all love to hear about what games you’ve been playing over the weekend. And remember to check out Lovely Bones’s latest Games News Roundup! I haven’t gotten a chance to read it quite yet, but you should.