Dad’s Casa S5E01 – Dad’s Olympics

Dad’s Olympics ” is the first episode of the 5th Season of the USAmerican television situation comedy Dad’s Casa. The plot centers on Dad watching the Olympics, friendship, and garage maintenance.


The family are sat in front of their new big tv that Dad had bought specifically to watch the 2000 Summer Games. Dad is telling his story (for the umpteenth time) about finishing 3rd in pole-vaulting at a regional track and field competition when he was in high school. To avoid inviting Horatio over, Dad made the family tell Horatio that he had the flu. As regular viewers know, Horatio is always eating too many snacks when he is invited over. Carmella rightly thinks Dad’s being immature. The twins quickly lose interest and go to their room. Carmella leaves not long after. Dad stays up long into the morning watching the Games. The twins try to watch morning cartoons but the remote is missing (flashback to Dad hiding the remote in the garage.) The twins, accidentally, set the tv to Italian audio after pushing various buttons in various orders and can’t put it back. They quickly turn off the tv, grab some milk and cereal and flee to their bedroom. Carmella comes down later and puts the tv on. “Oh no…Those girls will be the death of me”, she says to herself and goes to make breakfast.  Around noon, Dad comes down and puts the tv on and after a moment of confusion becomes apoplectic. Just then the doorbell chimes. Carmella answers the door. Carmella (to Dad) “It’s Horatio and he’s brought chicken noodle soup.” Carmella (to Horatio) “You can come in, he doesn’t have the flu, he’ll tell you.” “So uh, Horatio, thanks for the soup and I’m sorry I lied about being sick. I didn’t want you to eat all my snacks but I should have just asked you not to.” “Apology accepted, friend” “Oh by the way, the twins set the tv to Italian could you translate?” Horatio says yes and they settle down. Later, Dad goes to the garage to get the remote (flashback to four months ago when Carmella reminds Dad to clean up the garage and then Dad doing a less than complete job). While knocked out by a box, Dad has a dream about winning the gold medal in pole-vaulting. The family and Horatio go investigate the noise. “Didn’t finish cleaning the garage did ya hun?”, Carmella asks rhetorically. Everyone laughs.